Most people will tend to think that yoga is a religion but contrary to that yoga is a way of life that is focused on building a healthy body and mind. Man is a spiritual, physical and mental being and yoga is the best option you can choose when you want to have a balance of the three. Yoga recharges your body with cosmic energy, promotes self-healing, creates awareness and it also removes toxins from the body and blocks from the mind. The moment you start drawing your attention to yoga, you will realize that you will start reading various yoga magazines, watching yoga videos online and you even start reading yoga blogs.

With yoga blogs, there are various testimonials that you will find that will greatly help you in your journey and most if not all will inspire you in a number of ways. The words that you will get from yoga enthusiasts will fuel your inspiration and get you motivated to continue with your yoga practice. Hearing the success stories and the frustrations of these yoga enthusiasts are something that will keep you going. There are numerous yoga blogs and finding honest blogs with interesting articles can be difficult to find at times hence we have listed you some of the blogs that you can follow.

The manifest station

Being the creator of this blog, Jen Pastiloff travels the world doing a unique workshop on Being Human which is yoga related movement.  The main focus of Jen is to awaken the woman archetype by calling the goddess found in all her splendour.  If you are looking forward to growing, Jen will help you to be willing and she will help you get stronger. 

Mind body green

Mind body green yoga blog is a brand for all practitioner whether you are a master or you have just begun.  If you are looking forward to living a healthy and fulfilling happy life both off and on the mat, then this should be you ought to follow this blog. 

Yoga international

This is not only an informative blog but it is a blog that has been well thought of with great content that will inspire you continually from the moment you first read one the articles. The blog will offer you regular updates on an infused yoga life.

Yogi Aaron

Looking for someone who can speak to you directly? Yogi Aaron will give you remarkable personal messages that will help you get through the day. The blog offers supportive messages that are very practical and in a voice that will directly speak to you.

Yoga with Adriene

This is an incredible blog that will inspire you to do your best and to be authentic and to feel good about yourself. This blog is an inspiration to all and yoga with Adriene blog continues to create great free content that has been inspiring to people of all sizes and shapes.

Yoga mint

Not all of us have the time to read even though we love reading and you might be one of the busiest people but that should not prevent you from reading a short and very informative blog on yoga. You just need a few minutes to spare and you might find yourself becoming a regular visitor to this site.

Yoga dork

There are several cultures in yoga that you might be interested to know about being a yoga lover and this blog is a great site if you are curious about the various yoga culture. The blog also offers content that is all up to date and the articles are very interesting to read.

Spirit voyage blog

Do you want to make remarkable lifestyle changes? Spirit voyage blog creates contents that are remarkable and very inspiring with the aim of creating a world that is better by making sure that the yoga lifestyle is accessible to everyone. It is here that this blog will inspire you to deepen your practice of Kundan yoga by giving you all the resources you require and they will also offer you experiences of other people that will transform your life.

Yoga matters

With this blog, you will have no other option but to be committed to the principles of yoga and just live a life that a true yogi ought to live.  This blog believes that yoga matters and that there is nobody that can’t do yoga and hence everyone should try yoga as you will greatly find numerous benefits.

Bad yogi blog

Ever had that feeling of wanting to be a little bad? The bad yogi blog will grant you permission to be a little bad when it comes to yoga and this blog will provide you with great and honest content on the various yoga culture.

The above blogs are among the best blogs that will offer you great and honest content that will inspire you in your yoga path and following them will be a decision that you will never regret.