Apps for People New to Yoga

3 Most Useful Apps for People New to Yoga

Yoga is one of the most popular ways to not only stay fit but also to relax one’s mind and body. And if you’re new to the practice, you should consider getting a yoga app. Having one will help you do yoga even if you can’t go to a local fitness center. Let’s take a look at the best yoga apps for beginners below.

1) Daily Yoga – Yoga Fitness Plans

First up, we’ve got an award-winning app that you should definitely keep even if you’re already an experienced yoga practitioner. The Daily Yoga app is filled with all the things you need for yoga. There are over 500 body postures or asanas available along with more than 50 yoga class plans.

It might seem daunting to follow yoga postures, so it’s good to know that there are voice instructions to guide you. You’ll never run out of yoga classes to watch as new videos are added on a monthly basis. Moreover, you can choose sessions varying in duration from just five minutes to 70 minutes.

2) Yoga Studio: Mind & Body

Another beloved yoga app for beginners is Yoga Studio. Once you’ve downloaded the app, you can browse more than 130 videos on yoga and meditation — and there are always new videos. And if you want to customize your yoga session, you can choose your preferred poses and put them in one video.

In Yoga Studio, you can find 280 body postures. You don’t even need to remain online all the time to use the app. Once you’ve downloaded the yoga class, you can disconnect from the internet and play the video offline. Use the background music from the app or pick a track from your own music library.

3) Down Dog

Named after a well-known yoga body posture, the Down Dog app does away with pre-recorded yoga class videos. Instead, the app has more than 30,000 arrangements to ensure a unique session each time. It’s perfect for beginners as it has a three-day series to help you get acquainted with the practice.

Down Dog has seven teachers to choose from. And hat’s impressive is that the music changes depending on your breathing. Just like Yoga Studio, you can watch a practice offline. However, you need to know how to enable VPN on Android or iOS while you’re downloading content to remain secure.

Simply put, yoga doesn’t have to be expensive for beginners. It’s not a requirement to pay for expensive yoga instructors and group yoga sessions. If you have the right apps, you can learn yoga at your own pace right at home.